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Bean Pot

The vintage frankoma bowl is first-class for your next Bean pot! It's colorful and pre-warmed up, and unrivaled for the home or office.

Ceramic Bean Pots

The covered Bean jar is an unequaled substitute to keep all your cookies and drinks close by! This jar is covered in blankets and extends a handle to make it basic to take with you, the pot is again large enough to hold a few cups and is fabricated of west bend stoneware. It's a beneficial add-on to your west bend kitchen, this is a Bean pot from the 1930's. It is a large pot with a very deep well and a large area for a pot to sit on, the surface was carefully designed to support a large pot. The sides are of different sizes, so that each side can be used for a different purpose, the top imparts a deep well and a large area for sitting on. The sides are different sizes, this cast iron beans pot lid is unrivalled for a new Bean pot design or restoring an older one, it is 7 14 diameter and presents an 3 legged design. The cauldron is manufactured of materials that are both durable and strong, it is manufactured of granite and other strong materials that will last in your kitchen. The lid is additionally made of materials that are durable and will stay in the pot, it is manufactured of metal and other materials that are strong and durable. This vintage west bend usa stoneware crock Bean pot is an unequaled substitute for a family's upcoming pot store, this pot is valuable for the young reader who loves learning about properties of stone and masonry. The pot is again loving life in the 2 qt, size and is best-in-the-class for large families. This pot also features the vintage west bend company name on the lid, the pot is a practical addition to the pot store and is sure to make a difference in the lives of any young reader.