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Glass Lid For Instant Pot

This 9 inch tempered Glass Lid For Instant pot is top For any Instant pot, it's universal pan or pot cover and will protect your pot while you're on the go. Make sure your Instant pot always hot and protected with this impressive Glass lid.

Instant Pot Tempered Glass Lid 6 Quart

This 6 quart Instant pot tempered Glass Lid is a practical fit For the 6 quart Instant pot, it is manufactured from genuine Instant pot 9 tempered Glass and is again clear nib. This Lid comes with an 1 year warranty, the Instant pot ip-lid-22 9 in tempered Glass Lid For electric pressure cookers is a top-of-the-line surrogate to keep your cookware digging new! This Lid is clear For facile viewing and grading, and comes with a cle. Rating For uncomplicated cleaning, the sleek design is top For any Instant pot set-up! This is an outstanding new surrogate For suitors that want to handle a teflon-based Instant pot machine. The Glass Lid is designed to avoid the formation of hotspots and create a more dedicated cooking area, the tetragonal design also makes this is an ideal alternative For use in a teflon-based Instant pot machine. This facile care set includes an 3 quart safety bowl, a tempered Glass Lid sealing ring and a full the bowl provides a hopper problem solver design and is helpful in resolving how much water, salt, milk and other spices you need to healthily cook, the ring extends a strong design to it and is in like manner effective in preventing the Lid from seals strongly. The set also includes a whisk, funnel ando o pan.