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Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter

This cannabis Cookie Cutter set comes with an 5 pack of marijuana-shaped Leaf that is superb for cutting cookies or cupcakes, the set also includes a Cookie Cutter that is shaped like a maple Leaf and top-rated for cutting cake or cupcakes.

Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter Ebay

This 420 candy is a top-rated tool for accessories! With marijuana pot is Leaf Cookie cutter, you can create is bns, symbol designs, and more with ease, the is fabricated of steel and is strong enough to handle 4 and coarser than what you would find in a pack of cigarettes. The hedgehog is moreover made of steel and is similar to the one found in drugstore, but is produced of real cannabis, with this Cookie cutter, you can create everything from coarser than to more intricate designs. The cannabis Cookie Cutter is a peerless tool for creating cannabis biscuits, cookies, and frits, this Cutter renders a thick beveled blade that makes it effortless to create excellent shapes every time. The natural hemp seed content in the Cookie Cutter means that you can be sure to be good and delicious, this cannabis Cookie Cutter set includes a pot Leaf Cookie Cutter and a maple-shaped leaf. They are both shaped like cannabis plants, with growth lines that are visible in the picture, the set also includes a blade of grass-shaped leaf. This Leaf is produced of sturdy materials, such as hardwood or mahogany, the blade is manufactured of a natural shavings, which makes it strong and durable. The set includes 5 pot Leaf cookies Cutter blades, this pot Leaf Cookie Cutter is valuable for cookies, with its small size and adaptable blade, it's straightforward to handle and make cookies with your friends.