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Wax Pot

Looking for a terrific Wax warmer? Look no more than the salon! The single pot Wax heater is an outstanding surrogate to keep your Wax career going on point! Plus, the hot paraffin is unequaled for keeping your home clean during the cold winter weather.

Pot Wax

This pot Wax heater is excellent for hair removal applications, it is electric and effortless to use, making it a best-in-class tool for the job. The 300-mah battery ensures long-lasting use, while the hard beans make it basic to get that desired results, this Wax pot is fantastic for hot waxing or waxing. It is a large and tall pot that can hold a first rate deal of wax, the Wax is heated in the pot and then melted in a large, heat-resistant container. The beans are stick-like pieces that are used as moisturizers or as a stick to apply to the waxing or hot waxing area, the waxing kit comes with a warm, single heat pot, which can be used to heat up your waxes. The pot can also be used to your waxes, the kit also includes a pot for beans, which can be used to the next step with a pro Wax warmer to create the depilatory home waxing insurance. This professional Wax warmer comes with a hair removal Wax pot, which can be used to heat up the Wax before using it on your hair, the Wax pot can also be used to remove the hair from your head by rubbing it against your skin.